4 Reasons Why You Should Try CAROUSE Alcohol-Free Spirits!

In a world where mindful living and well-being take centre stage, the hunt for innovative alternatives to traditional drinks has never been more in high demand. Whether you're sober, exploring a healthier lifestyle, or simply seeking something new, CAROUSE is for you. In this blog post, we'll delve into five compelling reasons why you should consider incorporating CAROUSE into your home bar with it’s unique blend of flavours and benefits.

Mindful Moments:
CAROUSE stands out in the alcohol-free world by infusing a delicious blend of plant-based ingredient with neurotropic’s. These are brain-enhancing compounds that not only offer a delightful drinking experience but can also contribute to mental clarity and focus. Embrace the joy of mindful indulgence as you savour each sip of DRIFT's luscious blend of summer berries and cucumber or UPLIFT's invigorating mix of ginger and chilli—all while giving your cognitive function a subtle boost.

Stress-Free Socialising:

CAROUSE is packed full of adaptogenic plant extracts. These natural de-stressing ingredients help your body adapt to and cope with the demands of social situations, making your gatherings more enjoyable and serene. Whether you opt for the calming notes of DRIFT or the energising kick of UPLIFT, CAROUSE ensures that your social experiences are not only tasteful but also accompanied by a sense of calm or invigoration.

Sophisticated Serve:

The team at CAROUSE have worked tirelessly to ensure that CAROUSE is versatile and can be treated like a “normal” spirit. It can be served on the rocks, simply with soda water, with your favourite mixer or made into a delicious alcohol-free cocktail. Whether you're hosting a sophisticated soirée or enjoying a quiet night in the adaptable nature of CAROUSE ensures it fits into any setting.

Naturally Sweet:

Soft drinks are often the only option for alcohol nights out. Contradicting the aim of staying clear-headed and despite their alcohol-free nature, many of these options harbour alarmingly high sugar levels. However, CAROUSE boasts a naturally sweet profile, thanks to its rich blend of fruit and plant extracts. Each 50ml serving contains just 1.5g of sugar, allowing for a guilt-free indulgence in its refreshing taste.


Why DRIFT? A fusion of summer fruits and mixed berries with extracts of cooling cucumber, echinacea, ashwaganda and basil. DRIFT into relaxation with this refreshing mix of calming botanicals. With the mix of soothing botanicals, this drink is perfect for a chilled night in - with it’s calming properties it’s also the perfect nightcap with mixed with cherries - take a look for yourself *insert recipe*


Why UPLIFT? A combination of citrus fruits and warming ginger with extracts of guarana, maca, gingko biloba, peppercorn and a subtle hint of chilli. UPLIFT your mood with a vibrant blend of energising botanicals. The perfect drink for those nights out, giving you all the energy and buzz, without the need for alcohol and no hangover!

Both DRIFT and UPLIFT also have No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and are also gluten free and suitable for vegans. Not only that, our 200ml bottles are completely preservative free.

Try for yourself today and make your drink a #Drinktoremember