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Discover the world of non-alcoholic spirits with CAROUSE, a brand transforming how we celebrate without alcohol. Founded on a commitment to flavour, health, and wellness, CAROUSE's offerings, like UPLIFT and DRIFT, are redefining the non-alcoholic beverage experience.

The CAROUSE Effect

In spirited gatherings and toast-filled celebrations during 2019, Steph, the visionary founder of CAROUSE, embarked on a transformative journey. The year marked a pivotal turn in her life as she made the conscious decision to abstain from alcohol, acknowledging its toll on her mental health. Despite her newfound sobriety, Steph's passion for the vibrancy of social life remained undimmed. She navigated a world where the options for non-alcoholic beverages were limited, often relegated to sugary mocktails or the monotony of soda and water. This gap, this uncharted territory between the desire for health and the yearning for rich, communal experiences, inspired the birth of CAROUSE.

CAROUSE emerged as a beacon for those who, like Steph, sought to revel in the joy of gatherings without the aftereffects of alcohol. It stands as a testament to the belief that one need not compromise on the depth of flavour or the quality of social interactions in the pursuit of wellness. CAROUSE introduces its flagship products, UPLIFT and DRIFT, with a keen focus on health and well-being and a refusal to settle for anything less than extraordinary taste. These innovative non-alcoholic spirits are not just beverages but elixirs designed to enhance mood and captivate the palate. UPLIFT, with its refreshing blend of citrus and ginger, and DRIFT, a serene fusion of summer fruits and cooling herbs, embody CAROUSE's mission: to offer a taste experience that is both enriching and "bloomin' great."

Our Story: The CAROUSE Journey

The genesis of CAROUSE is deeply rooted in the personal journey of its founder, Steph. In 2019, a pivotal moment of self-reflection led her to confront the negative impacts alcohol had on her mental health. The realisation that the transient euphoria of night-outs was overshadowed by the ensuing "hang-xiety" propelled her to embrace sobriety. However, Steph's zest for life and love for social gatherings remained unwavering. Faced with a market saturated with uninspiring non-alcoholic options—ranging from overly sweet mocktails to the blandness of water—she embarked on a quest for alternatives that didn't sacrifice the essence of celebration.

The creation of CAROUSE was not just about filling a gap in the market; it was about crafting an experience that melded the vibrancy of social life with the pillars of health and wellness. This quest led Steph down a path of exploration and innovation, culminating in developing two flagship products: UPLIFT and DRIFT. These aren't mere beverages but invitations to a new realm of drinking culture, where the absence of alcohol doesn't diminish the depth of flavour or the joy of the moment.

UPLIFT and DRIFT embody CAROUSE's commitment to this new paradigm. Both products are meticulously crafted with a blend of nootropic and adaptogen ingredients—natural compounds known for their mood-enhancing properties. From the energising zest of citrus fruits and ginger in UPLIFT, complemented by guarana and ginkgo biloba, to the tranquil blend of summer fruits, cucumber, and ashwagandha in DRIFT, each sip is designed to elevate the drinking experience.

Moreover, CAROUSE's dedication to purity and quality shines through in the selection of natural fruit extracts and a medley of botanicals that enrich every bottle. This commitment extends beyond taste; it's about offering a drink that aligns with the values of health-conscious consumers who are mindful of what they consume.

The CAROUSE journey, sparked by Steph's revelation, has become a movement. It's a call to embrace a harmonious lifestyle where social enjoyment and wellness coexist. Through UPLIFT and DRIFT, CAROUSE is not just offering non-alcoholic spirits; it's inviting everyone to a celebration of life, minus the alcohol.

Meet UPLIFT and DRIFT: Our Flagship Non-Alcoholic Spirits

At the core of CAROUSE's innovative range of non-alcoholic spirits are two distinctive products: UPLIFT and DRIFT. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each offers a unique experience that caters to different moods and moments. These spirits are not just about what you're drinking but how they make you feel, embodying the essence of CAROUSE's mission to provide enjoyable, health-conscious alternatives for those who abstain from alcohol.

  • UPLIFT: Energise Your Spirits

UPLIFT stands as a vibrant testament to the power of natural ingredients to invigorate and energise. This refreshing blend combines citrus fruits' zesty appeal with ginger's warming depth, creating a bold and refreshing flavour profile. The addition of energising botanicals like maca, guarana, and ginkgo biloba infuses UPLIFT with a natural boost, making it the perfect choice for moments when you need a lift without the caffeine jitters.

Ideal for serving as a chilled, 50ml shot over ice or mixed with soda water and a squeeze of fresh lemon, UPLIFT offers a versatile and uplifting drinking experience. Its commitment to natural wellness is reflected in its formulation: free from artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans. UPLIFT is not just a drink; it's a celebration of vitality and zest for life, making it a staple for anyone looking to energise their spirits in a healthy, joyful way.


  • DRIFT: Relax and Unwind

In contrast to UPLIFT's vibrant energy, DRIFT offers a serene escape into relaxation. This soothing spirit blends the lush flavours of summer fruits and mixed berries with the calming properties of botanicals like cooling cucumber, echinacea, and ashwagandha. Each sip of DRIFT is a journey into tranquillity, designed to soothe the soul and unwind the mind.

DRIFT is best enjoyed as a chilled, 50ml shot over ice, complemented with soda water and a twist of fresh lime. This refreshing drink is perfect for easing into a relaxed state. Like UPLIFT, DRIFT is crafted with a commitment to purity and wellness. It boasts a gluten-free and vegan-friendly profile devoid of any artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. It's the ideal choice for those seeking to drift into a calm state, whether unwinding after a long day or savouring quiet moments of relaxation.

Together, UPLIFT and DRIFT encapsulate the heart of CAROUSE's mission: to offer non-alcoholic spirits that cater to every mood, from the heights of celebration to the depths of relaxation, all while championing health, wellness, and the pure joy of social connection.

How to Enjoy CAROUSE Non-Alcoholic Spirits

In a world where non-alcoholic options often default to sugary mocktails, CAROUSE stands out by offering a refined and health-conscious alternative. The unique appeal of CAROUSE spirits lies in their ability to form the backbone of alcohol-free cocktails that defy the usual expectations of non-alcoholic beverages. Unlike the overly sweet and sugary mocktails that dominate menus, cocktails crafted with CAROUSE—the energising UPLIFT or the calming DRIFT—boast a complexity and depth of flavour that caters to mature palates.

Enjoying CAROUSE straight over ice showcases its purity and nuanced taste profile, but when mixed into alcohol-free cocktails, it offers an unparalleled experience. These cocktails are designed to enhance the natural botanicals and fruit extracts without relying on excessive sweetness, making them a better choice for health-conscious individuals. The absence of preservatives in our 200ml bottles further ensures that every CAROUSE drink supports your social life and wellness goals.

The versatility of CAROUSE, able to be enjoyed neatly with a simple mixer or as a sophisticated component in alcohol-free cocktails, redefines what it means to enjoy a drink. It's about savouring the moment, indulging in rich flavours, and embracing a lifestyle where enjoyment doesn't compromise health. CAROUSE's dedication to creating preservative-free, non-alcoholic spirits that can be enjoyed in various forms challenges the status quo and provides a satisfying alternative to traditional mocktails.

Why Choose CAROUSE Non-Alcoholic Spirits?

Choosing CAROUSE means rejecting the overly sweet, sugary mocktails and favouring sophisticated, health-conscious alternatives. Our alcohol-free cocktails, crafted with UPLIFT or DRIFT, are not just about avoiding alcohol; they're about enhancing the drinking experience with complex flavours that respect the palate. Without adding preservatives, this shift towards quality, flavour depth, and health benefits underscores CAROUSE's commitment to excellence.

By selecting CAROUSE, you embrace a world where non-alcoholic beverages are no longer an afterthought but a deliberate choice for those who appreciate the art of mixology without the effects of alcohol. It's a celebration of taste, health, and the joy of social gatherings, making CAROUSE the ideal choice for discerning drinkers who demand more from their beverages.

Join the CAROUSE Revolution: Delicious Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Embrace a new era of celebration with CAROUSE, where every sip is an ode to health, wellness, and the undiluted joy of being together. UPLIFT and DRIFT aren't just drinks; they are your companions in every moment that matters, from lively parties to serene evenings at home. We invite you to experience the unique benefits of CAROUSE non-alcoholic spirits for yourself and discover a world where flavour, health, and happiness coexist without compromise.

CAROUSE is more than a brand; it's a movement founded on the belief that social gatherings can be enriching, joyful, and complete without alcohol. Our promise to you is to use natural ingredients, free from preservatives, to craft sophisticated, mood-enhancing beverages. We're here to change perceptions, one glass at a time, proving that non-alcoholic options can be just as satisfying, if not more, than their alcoholic counterparts.

Raise An Alcohol-Free Glass To Your Future!

Make your next drink a CAROUSE creation and experience the difference for yourself. Let's raise a glass to the future of drinking, where every choice is about celebrating life to the fullest. Make yours a drink to remember with CAROUSE—because life is too precious to settle for anything less than extraordinary.