Low Alcohol Vs Alcohol Free Spirits

Having seen Quarter on Dragon’s Den recently, it may have sparked your interest to explore the range of low and no alcohol alternatives or even dip your toe into the alcohol-free spirits available in the sober curious space…

In a world where convenience and variety have become paramount, the online marketplace for low and no alcoholic beverages has witnessed a surge in popularity - especially with the rise of awareness months such as Dry January and Sober October.

Among the key players in this domain, both Quarter and CAROUSE stand out as a promising contenders, both offering a unique variety of health conscious products that cater to the diverse tastes of consumers.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of CAROUSE and draw comparisons with its competitor, Quarter, shedding light on the strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive features of each brand.

CAROUSE: A Brief Overview

CAROUSE has rapidly gained traction in the online alcohol-free market, positioning itself as a delicious alternative that is not directly trying to replicate gin, vodka, whisky or rum. Boasting it’s two alcohol-free spirits in a range of sizes; the brand takes pride in its premium aesthetic creating a ‘moment of luxury’ for its customers.

Key Features:

  • Functional First: What makes CAROUSE so unique? Well, it’s the use of adaptogenic and nootropic ingredients. By combining these plant-based extracts with a blend of natural fruit extracts and botanicals, it not only enhances the flavour of each recipe but also the functional and cognitive benefits that customers may experience as a result!
  • Flavour explosion: CAROUSE’s strength lies with its unique flavour profile. Both DRIFT and UPLIFT have been carefully curated to taste delicious neat on the rocks, or with a simple mixer or to be added to an alcohol free cocktail recipe.
  • Educational Content: CAROUSE doesn't just sell drinks; their mission is to educate consumers about sobriety and alcohol reduction, as well as the rise of functional non-alcohol spirits. Their goal is to enhance the overall shopping experience and build a sense of community as sobriety journeys can often feel lonely or isolating.
  • Efficient Delivery Services: Recognising the importance of prompt and secure deliveries, CAROUSE has established a reliable logistics network. Customers can expect timely deliveries, ensuring that their favourite beverages are just a click away and arrive within 1-2 days!


Quarter: A Competitor in the Arena

Now, heres where Quarter are different.. They aren’t completely alcohol-free but instead offer a range of 1/4 strength alcoholic spirits bridging the gap between ‘all or nothing’ drinking mindsets.

QuarterProof.com, have a lot to offer the low and no industry, helping those that still like to drink enjoy so in moderation proving that spirits don’t have to be full strength to taste delicious and give you a gentle buzz.

They also offer the below:


  • Subscription Services: Quarter offers subscription-based services, allowing customers to receive curated selections regularly. This can be particularly appealing to those who enjoy discovering new and exclusive beverages on a consistent basis.
  • Exclusive Deals and Limited Releases: The platform regularly features exclusive deals and limited releases, creating a sense of urgency among consumers. This strategy taps into the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) phenomenon, attracting a segment of customers who seek unique and rare finds.
  • Community Engagement: Quarter fosters a sense of community through forums, virtual tastings, and events. This not only provides a platform for like-minded individuals to connect but also adds a social dimension to the online shopping experience.

While both brands exhibit strengths, they cater to slightly different consumer needs and there’s plenty of space for both within the sober curious industry… CAROUSE stands out for its premium alcohol-free consumer journey incorporating educational content, a wide range of cocktail recipes and functional benefit. Whereas, on the other hand, Quarter offer an answer to those that wish to drink less, rather than go tee-total!

As consumers learn the power of choice, break free from societal norms and continue to seek convenience and variety, the competition between these brands is likely to drive innovation and raise the bar for the industry as a whole. Which at CAROUSE, we see as a huge benefit!

What are your thoughts?

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