10 Tips To Help You Get Through Sober October

What Is Sober October?

Sober October is a month-long challenge that involves refraining from consuming alcohol throughout the entire month of October. Join us for this challenge to reset your relationship with booze, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and shed some light on the issue of excessive drinking. It’s time to say “cheers” to an entire month without alcohol. In this blog post we’ll share some useful tips to get you started on your Sober October journey. So, are you ready to give it a shot?

Now let’s get onto our top tips for your Sober October journey…

  1. Set Clear Goals: What are your reasons for participating in Sober October? Define your “why”. Whether it's for health, saving money, or self-improvement, having clear goals will keep you motivated.
  2. Remember Your ‘Why’: Sometimes, it’s a matter of understanding and remembering what you felt when you first made the decision to cut out drinking. Was it for the health benefits? Or did you just want to feel more productive with your life? Reminding yourself of your goals will keep you focused on why you want to stay alcohol-free.
  3. Shout It Out: Trust us, having your tribe in the loop makes all the difference.Their encouragement will lift you up, their understanding will keep you going and there's something truly empowering about openly declaring your goals and having your friends cheer you on. So, share your journey, bask in the support, and if you mention it early on, maybe they’ll go easy on the “don’t be boring” chat.
  4. Stay Social: Our name CAROUSE means "a noisy, lively drinking party" and that's our ethos. Although we're alcohol-free, we've still got spirit and believe that just because you aren't drinking alcohol, you shouldn’t stop spending time with your friends. The non-alc options in bars and pubs are improving but remember, there are plenty of activities and things to do that don't involve drinking! Be kind to yourself throughout this journey and try to focus on the positive changes you're making.
  5. BYOB: (Bring your own beverages…) If you have any garden parties or BBQ’s coming up. Make sure you’re looked after with a tasty non-alcoholic drink. Bring a few bottles of your favourite non-alcoholic alternatives for yourself (and maybe enough for your friends and family to try!)
  6. Make It Fun: Sobriety doesn’t have to be boring! Organise some alcohol-free activities. If nights out with friends tend to revolve around the pub or bar, try something different. What about a cinema date, theatre, bowling, an escape room or even host a mocktail making night. (We’ve heard that CAROUSE is delicious in mocktails…)
  7. Track your progress: Put pen to paper. Journal your thoughts. Write down all the benefits and wins. There are plenty of apps to keep you motivated and accountable. We definitely recommend ‘Reframe’. Celebrate your success (even if it is with a robot!) You’re doing great.
  8. Mindful Mindset: We get it, We all need ways to de-stress. If for you that was alcohol, then why not try swapping the beers for breath work or the Merlot for mindfulness.There are plenty of apps, youtube videos and playlists full of short meditations to clear your mind and help manage your stress.
  9. Celebrate Your Wins: Booze-free nights are something to be proud of, so celebrate them! Take note as you start to feel your confidence growing, monitor how much money you’re saving, celebrate how your mind and body feels as your overall health and wellbeing improves. Reducing your alcohol intake is a huge positive change. Like any big decision there may be times where it doesn’t feel easy, so it’s important to reward yourself as you make progress
  10. Be Gentle With Yourself: Life happens. Stress, cravings or even peer pressure might occur, but that’s ok! No one is perfect, so if you find yourself drinking alcohol again, please don’t feel guilty - it will only cause more stress. You can reset and restart your alcohol-free journey at any time.

Sober October isn't just about ditching the booze for a month – it's your golden opportunity to hit that reset button, refocus your energy, and give your life a total refresh! Embracing this challenge doesn't just mean skipping the drinks; it means diving into a pool of amazing benefits for your body, mind, and soul. You'll feel like a new person, seriously!

Picture this: You'll get a dose of physical perks like detoxing your body and shedding a few extra pounds. But that's not all! Your mental game will level up too, with clearer thoughts, better sleep, and way less stress.

And guess what? Your wallet will be smiling too, thanks to all the money you'll save by skipping those pricey cocktails.

But it's not just about you – it's about strengthening those bonds with your favourite people. You'll discover a world of fun activities that don't require an ounce of alcohol. Game nights, hikes, cooking – the possibilities are endless! 

So why not give it a go this October? We want to support you as much as we can this Sober October, start off the right way with our non-alcoholic spirits, shop here - https://drinkcarouse.com/collections/all-products