Supersize Bundle - 700ml


Treat yourself to the Supersize Bundle!

Wind down after a long week with our herbal and fruity blend of DRIFT.
Then pick yourself back up with a glass of our stimulating UPLIFT!

At CAROUSE, we believe in providing delicious, non-alcoholic spirits to elevate your drinking experience. Using adaptogen and nootropic ingredients combined with natural fruit extracts, we are designed to enhance your mood no matter the occasion!

Stock up with our SuperSize Bundle today!

Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 12 weeks.



Our botanical extract blend of citrus fruits; lemon and lime, with Guarana, Maca, Gingko Biloba, black peppercorn and warming chilli and ginger

Full ingredients list:

Filtered water, agave nectar, Uplift botanical extract blend (guarana, maca, gingko biloba, ginger, black peppercorn), glycerine, acid; citric acid, natural flavourings


Our fruity and herbal blend of summer fruits, strawberry, goji berry and cranberry blended with cooling cucumber, echinacea, ashwagandha and basil

Full ingredients list:

Filtered water, agave nectar, Drift botanical extract blend (goji berry, echinacea, ashwanganda), natural flavourings, cucumber flavour, green tea flavour, glycerine, acid; malic acid, basil flavour, colouring foodstuffs; concentrates of blueberry and carrot, preservatives; potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

Nutritional Information

Per 100ml: Energy / Nutrients 133 kj / 31 kcal, Fat 0.0g - of which saturate 0.0g, Carbohydrates 7.6g - of which sugars 2.5g, Protein, 0.0g, Salt <0.5g / DRIFT ABV 0.3214% / UPLIFT ABV 0.439%

Please Read Carefully Before Enjoying DRIFT or UPLIFT

DRIFT and UPLIFT are crafted to complement a healthy lifestyle and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We encourage customers to enjoy our adaptogen-infused beverages as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

  • Individuals with certain health conditions (e.g., hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune disorders) and those on medication should consult a healthcare professional before use.
  • Pregnant, breastfeeding women and individuals scheduled for surgery are advised against consumption.

For a comprehensive understanding of our health and safety guidelines, please [READ MORE].