Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Free Cocktails Drinks

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Free Cocktails. Whether you're looking for tasty mocktail recipes or exploring non-alcoholic options for health reasons, we've got the perfect collection for you. Dive into this comprehensive guide and discover how you can make delicious, sophisticated drinks without the buzz.

What are Alcohol-Free Cocktails?

Alcohol-free cocktails, also known as mocktails, are beverages that mimic traditional cocktails in flavour and presentation but do not contain alcohol. They are perfect for those who want to enjoy flavourful, refreshing drinks without the effects of alcohol.

The rise of the "sober-curious" movement has led to a surge in popularity of alcohol-free cocktails, as people seek delicious and sophisticated options that don't involve alcohol. Mocktails are ideal for social gatherings, afternoon pick-me-ups, or simply enjoying a complex and satisfying beverage that won't leave you feeling sluggish.

Benefits of Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Healthier Choice: Alcohol-free cocktails are often lower in calories and sugar compared to their alcoholic counterparts. This makes them a guilt-free way to indulge in a refreshing drink, and they can be a perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Inclusivity: Mocktails ensure everyone can enjoy a delicious drink at any social event. This is especially beneficial for pregnant women, those who don't drink alcohol for religious or personal reasons, or designated drivers who still want to feel included in the merriment.
  • Versatility: The beauty of alcohol-free cocktails lies in their endless customization possibilities. You can tailor mocktails to suit various dietary needs, from sugar-free options to vegan-friendly ingredients. Furthermore, the flavour combinations are limitless, allowing you to explore a world of taste sensations and discover new favourites that perfectly match your preferences.

Must-Try Alcohol-Free Cocktail Recipes

CAROUSE Bramble Margarita

A delightful twist on the classic margarita, the CAROUSE Bramble Margarita combines the unique flavours of CAROUSE DRIFT with fresh lemon juice and blackberry simple syrup. This vibrant, fruity mocktail is sure to be a hit at any gathering.


  • 25 ml fresh lemon juice
  • 12 ml blackberry simple syrup
  • 1 tsp blackcurrant jam


  • Slice of lemon
  • Fresh blackberry


  1. Combine all ingredients and shake well with ice.
  2. Strain into a glass filled with crushed ice.
  3. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a blackberry and enjoy!

Pro Tip: You can make your own blackberry syrup by simmering 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup water, a teaspoon of blackcurrant jam, and a handful of blackberries with a dash of vanilla extract.

CAROUSE Spicy Margarita

Looking to spice up your cocktail game? The CAROUSE Spicy Margarita offers a fiery twist with fresh lime juice, chilli, and ginger. This alcohol-free margarita is perfect for those who love bold flavours.


  • 25 ml fresh lime juice
  • 2-3 slices of chilli
  • Teaspoon of agave (or honey)
  • Quarter inch of ginger, cut into smaller pieces


  1. Muddle the chilli, ginger, and lime juice together.
  2. Add CAROUSE UPLIFT and agave, then shake with ice.
  3. Strain into an ice-filled glass and top with a wheel of lime and slices of chilli.

CAROUSE Ginger Mule

Perfect for a cosy evening in, the CAROUSE Ginger Mule is a refreshing alcohol-free cocktail that combines the zesty goodness of citrus, the kick of ginger, and the warmth of chilli.


  • Large handful of fresh mint leaves
  • Half an inch of ginger, cut into smaller pieces
  • 6 ml lime juice (approximately 1/4 lime)
  • Ginger beer


  1. Clap the mint leaves gently between your hands to release their oils.
  2. Muddle the mint leaves, ginger pieces, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker.
  3. Add CAROUSE UPLIFT, shake with ice, and strain into an ice-filled glass.
  4. Top with ginger beer and garnish with mint leaves or a wheel of lime.


Non-Alcoholic Drinks that Give You a Buzz (Natural Alternatives)

Many people enjoy non-alcoholic drinks that still provide a mood and energy boost. Ingredients like adaptogens can help create drinks that enhance these feelings without the alcohol. While adaptogens don't contain any alcohol or psychoactive properties, they can interact with the body's chemistry to promote feelings of well-being and focus. For instance, some adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea are known for reducing fatigue and supporting mental clarity, while others like L-Theanine can promote relaxation and improved mood.

Health Benefits of Adaptogenic Drinks (Functional Beverages)

Adaptogens are natural substances that help the body adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. Drinks infused with adaptogens, like CAROUSE DRIFT and UPLIFT, can provide various health benefits, including improved mental clarity and reduced stress. These functional beverages offer a welcome alternative to sugary sodas or high-caffeine drinks, providing a gentle lift without the crash often associated with those options.

Note: Pregnant women or those on medications that may react with adaptogens (such as ashwagandha or ginseng) should avoid drinking adaptogenic drinks. It's always best to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating adaptogens into your diet.

Exploring the Sober Curious Movement (Alcohol-Free Drink Options)

The sober curious movement is growing as more people explore a lifestyle that minimizes or eliminates alcohol consumption. Whether for health reasons, personal preference, or to simply experience a different kind of social life, being sober curious opens up a world of flavourful, alcohol-free drink options.

Alternative Drinks to Alcohol (Mocktails, Juices)

As champions of the sober movement, we wouldn't be doing the community justice if we didn't recommend other alcohol-free beverages. So, In addition to enjoying DRIFT and UPLIFT from CAROUSE, here are three other mocktail or juice alternatives you can enjoy without the overwhelming sweetness that comes with many sugary drinks:

Kombucha: A fermented tea drink that offers a tangy, slightly fizzy experience.

Sparkling Water: Available in various flavours, sparkling water can be a refreshing alternative to sugary sodas and alcoholic drinks.

Herbal Teas: Served hot or cold, herbal teas offer a wide range of flavours and health benefits.


With our ultimate guide to alcohol-free cocktails, you can enjoy a variety of delicious, sophisticated drinks without the alcohol. From fruity favourites like the CAROUSE Bramble Margarita to bold, spicy choices like the CAROUSE Spicy Margarita, there's something for everyone. Embrace the sober curious movement and explore these delightful alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. Cheers to making your drinks a #DrinkToRemember!