Elevate Your Brunch with CAROUSE Bloody Mary

This is our spin on a signature cocktail…

Even after nights of not drinking you made need to take the edge off the next morning and we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s with a late breakfast or an early lunch, the CAROUSE Bloody Mary is a refreshing twist on a beloved classic…

• 200ml tomato juice
• A dash of Worcestershire sauce
•a dash of tabasco
• Salt and pepper
• A stick of celery
• A slice of lemon

• Add tomato juice to a tall ice filled glass
• Add CAROUSE UPLIFT, Worcestershire and tabasco sauce, and season lightly with salt and
• Stir together
• Top with celery and lemon to garnish and enjoy sipping at brunch!

We’re all about mood enhancing moments, so experience the uplifting flavours and feel revitalised after our CAROUSE Bloody Mary.

This is most definitely, a drink to remember.